On the 10th of March 2018, Feza International School Sports day took place in the National Stadium with 350 student participants. The Sports Day hype started with the giant Tembo and Kifaru banners that were hanged in front of the school. The students enjoyed the blue and yellow fluttering of their teams symbols. The morning assemblies were especially exciting — the leaders of Tembo and Kifaru, Mr. Kenneth and Mr. Chacha respectively, gave inspiring speeches that mixed with the vigourous chants of the students. This signalled the beginning of the competitive training games that took place in the basketball court. Students and House Leaders put tremendous efforts into coming up with ingenious strategies to topple down their opponents. Numerous games were played that included both the students and the teachers, and the competition was fierce. However, Tembo showed their true grit on the Feza International Sports Day and were crowned as the overall champions. Students who performed well also received certificates and medals as a token of their determination.

The Feza International Sports Day was an important event where the students displayed their determination, talents, and hard work. Team Kifaru showed nothing short of their very best efforts throughout both the training phase and finally at the Sports Day. Kifaru House Leader, Mr. Chacha Boke, rallied the blue-shirted competitors to an epic display of skill
under the Sports Day organization. In fact, several students from team Kifaru managed earn trophies and medals from games including 3-legged race, 100 meters relay, sack race, bursting balloons and many others. Mr. Senol Konis, a Kifaru Leader, is hopeful “We will back stronger than ever. The competition has just started.”

The parents also got to enjoy the Sports Day; there were fierce games of tug of war and 100 meter race that took place between the teachers and the parents. The day ended with a delicious lunch and drinks that everybody sought after the exhausting competition. Overall, the event turned out to be the first of many enjoyable and memorable Sports Days the Feza International family is going to experience. The triumphant Tembo is looking for more competition, while the inspirited Tembo is out for revenge. Who do you think will take the trophy home next year?

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